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The emoticons are a sequence of characters whose want to symbolize the state of think of the person who writes. They are the product of imagination and they represent it in a simple way, intuitive and direct the emotions, hence the origin of the word: emoticon = emotion + icon.
It's possible to use emoticons in the forum's post. To use it you must enter characters corresponding to icons:

:) = happy happy       :( = sad sad       :o = surprise surprise       :p = linguaccia tongue
:D = laugh laugh       :! = indifferent indifferent       :O = astonished astonished
8) = neat person neat person       ;) = eyewink eyewink

FlatForum tag
Into the forum it is possible to use HTML to format the text of the message. The code is not accessible directly but through tags in pseudo code:

[b]hello[/b] = hello
[i]hello[/i] = hello

[red]hello[/red] = hello
[green]hello[/green] = hello
[blue]hello[/blue] = hello
[pink]hello[/pink] = hello
[yellow]hello[/yellow] = hello
[cyan]hello[/cyan] = hello

... Or make combinations:

[red][b][i]hello[/i][/b][/red] = hello
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