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Forum -> (NickNames) The law and legality -> rights and obligations
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Thursday 21 February 2008 - 22:01

rights and obligations:
Currently for the Italian law it is not possible to patent the idea of My NickName.org as the only site that allows registering NickNames as art. 45 of the law on trademarks and patents (Legislative Decree on 10 February 2005 N.30) indicates that patentability is scheduled only for 'new inventions which involve an inventive step and LIKELY TO HAVE AN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION'. The idea of My NickName.org missing of industrial requirement. Additionally there is no rule of law (Italian), even one on privacy, referring to the protection of a NickName. Therefore MyNickName.org is working to merit image as the only site to have had this idea, the user has the NickName registered it is self stating that the use, the grew of My Nickname.org bring the more knowledge used of NickNames. Some are reading political and wants to help us to become the only site to world to be entitled for the registration of NickNames?

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