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My NickName.org is a platform born for all people those who are jealous of their NickName with a simple idea: "Consider your NickName as an identity".

At the moment there are no self-financing funds (advertising banners don't even cover the cost of maintaining the internet domains: mynickname.org and mynickname.info ) and a small team (headed by the creator Pianfetti Maurizio) invest their time and money to carry on this project.

There are many ideas and ambitions, there are purely ethical ones (described in the Home page), but there could also be those to create a network commercial, below some examples:
  • Issuance of digital certificates, linked to your NickName, to be used to encrypt any type of digital content (it would funds for development and to rely on trusted certifiers)
  • web hosting to create your own web space of your NickName ( Example nickname.mynickname.info , need the funds to upgrade and maintain the IT infrastructure to host them)
  • online shopping of objects branded with your own NickName (funds would be needed for the development and search for commercial partners ). Idea already appreciated by more than 29% of users who participated in the survey What would you like that MyNickName.org develop ?
If you consider it a valid project,you invest, you can do it in different ways.
A first form of contribution could be in cash, make a donation.
Another form is direct collaboration. We are always looking for collaborators, candidates showing a minimum of expertise, will be able to contribute to developments by gaining experience and having fun with the My NickName.org's team.
Currently the profiles searched are:
  • WEB DEVELOPER: Knowledge of PHP / CSS / SQL / Javascript required
  • TRANSLATOR: for the translation of contents into English, French, Italian, (we would like to add Spanish)
  • SEO/MARKETING/JOURNALIST: for the care of dissemination and communication about the platform
  • LAW CONSULTANT: to understand how to move in international jurisprudence on topics covered in copyright and web areas
To candidate, you could contact the team using the Contacts form and choose the "OFFER OF COOPERATION" specifying:
  • profile
  • experiences gained
  • motives
At the moment,candidates no monetary profits will gain from these activities, it will be a voluntary free offer of collaboration.

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