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Welcome to My NickName.org

For pleasure or obligation, the Internet and the modern world have led us to choose one ... we have all given ourselves a NickName (or username, to log into some system)! .

The NickName you use it to surf in the net, to use services or to have an anonymized e-mail, we use it on social media or to hide behind an identity or to play video games. But even before the advent of the Internet, especially in small villages, we were called by NickName.
This website, born in 2009, has always set itself this "mission":
  • create a public list of NickName : make them public, with descriptions and meanings, the owner decide whether to keep anonymity or not but advertising its existence and its use
  • allow univocal registration : make public the fact that a certain NickName is already used (registered) and to ensure that no other person can use it, except the owner
  • help who does not yet have a NickName suitable for themselves, to find one
The futuristic ambition has always been:
  • Become the register of NickName recognized by law (database of NickName recognized by nation states)
  • Being able to allow users to have legally valid certificates in the face of disputes about the use by several people of the same NickName , placing an intellectual copyright recognized to the first owner who demonstrates the time period of use and uniquely discriminate those who used it first and have the right to use it (for example by taking the date of its registration on this web site)

The purpose of this web site is therefore to protect and guarantee the use of YOUR NickName or help you to find one through the Commutinity.

Join by registering, contribute with comments / votes / suggestions / donations, and if you want you can also contribute to our ambitions by making a small donation.

Currently there are 7484NickName registered, what are you waiting for ... register your NickName on MyNickName.org!

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