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My NickMame is a site created for all those who are jealous of their NickName with a simple idea:
"consider a nickName like an indentity".

Being a NON-PROFIT organization, a small team invests its time and money to pursue this project. At 18 months after its birth, and the early successes, the team felt the need to ask a small contribution by all those who believe all this, a good project.

An early form of contribution would be in money.

Here are 5 good reasons to do this :

Here's a simple form: If you want to enter a note and click the image below.

A second form of contribution is an offer of cooperation,where you can contribute in making developments and fun experience with the team My NickName. Below there is a list of profiles to candidate, with a small minimum requirement to be have:

To candidate, contact the team via the contact form ( Click here ) and choose the subject "e;OFFER TO COOPERATE"e; including:

The team will evaluate your CV and you will be contacted with small tasks. For this activities do not accrue profits, will be a free offer of cooperation, to mature further experience by your chosen field.

The Team of My NickName

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