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Web site layout

Dear visitor, this guide has been thought to orient to you in navigation web site.

The structure layout is showed in the following table:








Generic functions

Handbook for the guest visitor

The guest visitor will be able to do the following actions:

To continue you must press "Send". Now you will be received a email of confirmation with a link to this web site. In the appear page you can click on a link and the registration is completed. Now you will be able to login and to use the full web site's services.

Handbook for user

To be able to use all the functionalities of web site the visitor will have himself to be login inserting in the section of the menu "Login" like user the email and as password the password chosen during the registation process and pressing "Log in". If you mark the check box "Remember me" will come saved in the browser the opened session for a future access without having to carry out the operation of login.

The authenticated customer has approached also the following functionalities:

Appendix A - How to install missing font

To add fonts, follow the following steps according to your operating system :

Appendix B - Access to try

Using like access credentials

E-mail: test@mynickname.org
password: test

it is possible to authenticate themselves and to use parts of the functionalities of a effective customer.

Appendix C - Evolution

The web site incoming now its second year of life and it will be constantly evolving. The Web master apologizes in advance for any deficiencies updates of this document or low performance in your navigation.

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