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With a wonderfull graphic style, the meaning is not important
186 Votes
Must be the holder of owner or have a link to it and then to have a meaning
633 Votes
Must be pure fantasy
348 Votes
<b>By:</b> kicalocas  <b>Date:</b> 11 November 2008 11:15
By: kicalocas Date: 11 November 2008 11:15 it

il nickname deve essere un modo fantasioso per capire chi seui veramente, un modo per far sapere al mondo cio che sei o che vuoi! :pKicaloca[:p/green]

<strong>By:</strong> Guest  <b>Date:</b> 08 November 2008 16:08
By: Guest Date: 08 November 2008 16:08 en

We're all unique in our own ways. You just have to figure out what are you unique about to be able to find the one and only nickname. Good Luck Guys ;)

<strong>By:</strong> Guest  <b>Date:</b> 19 October 2008 19:52
By: Guest Date: 19 October 2008 19:52 en

The real problem is that when you try to use your nick in any chat There Is someone else with the same nick...because we tend to follow a similar line of thinking....or maybe the chat-or skype- does not allow special signs like{*§ and so on!:!

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